A building inspection Melbourne occurs before a potential buyer purchase a home. You must appoint a licensed, qualified building inspector to perform the inspection to make sure all major and minor structural defects are noted. Your agent can assist with locating a qualified inspector in your area or if you want the convenience of a fully licensed inspector for the job. In most cases, you’ll have to pay the full inspection cost.


The first step in inspecting any home is getting a building inspection report. It doesn’t take long before you receive a report back identifying all major defects and major repairs. The inspection report typically includes photographs, floor plans and interior renderings. You may also be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. These documents typically include disclosure of the nature of the review, names of the parties involved and any restrictions regarding the inspector’s findings.


A building inspections Melbourne may be performed for new home buyers, existing homeowners or both. Some of the inspectors who provide this service have extensive experience in providing pre-purchase building reports. If you’re purchasing a new home, getting a pre-purchase inspection will help ensure you don’t need additional money to repair or replace parts of your home once it’s built. It can also help you avoid costly mistakes, costly repairs or even the possibility of a defective product.


Pre-purchase building inspections Melbourne come in a wide variety of formats. Most inspectors in Melbourne have at least some training in structural engineering, but there are inspectors with no formal education or certification. All inspectors in Melbourne have been trained by reputable trade associations and are expected to maintain a consistent approach and adhere to their written policy guidelines. It ensures your expectations of the inspection are met.


You can expect standard building inspections to cover the exterior, the structure and framing, insulation, electrical systems, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, interior finishes, cabinets, doors and windows, pest control and mould inspection. Suppose you’re getting pre-purchase inspections done for new homes in Melbourne. In that case, you should expect inspections on the interior finish and walls, floors, ceilings, roof, ceiling fans, cabinets, appliances and kitchen cabinets, and the foundation and crawl space. Any other areas not included in the pre-purchase inspection are at the discretion of the client and the contractor.


Melbourne is known for its reputation in offering superior building inspection services when it comes to home inspections. Because Melbourne inspections service the industry throughout the state, you’re assured of getting quality service and top-notch results every time. To ensure you’re getting a qualified inspector, ask for references from past clients. In addition to having a list of clients already vetted through the company, you’ll find the name of a licensed ASHI holder, which verifies the inspector’s expertise. When you hire a reputable company like this, you’ll be confident that your inspection will be thorough, detailed, and updated on most construction projects.