Compared to other countries, Australian women prefer to wear high heels. They’re one centimetre taller on average than the world’s average. According to a recent study by custom shoe store, Australian women are more likely to wear kitten heels, which are about five centimetres tall. They’re also much cheaper, with prices ranging from $50 to less than $50 for a pair.


The popularity of high heels is increasing in Australia. These days, you can buy a pair for as little as $29. This makes them a more affordable option than ever before. You can even find custom-made heels if you’re willing to pay extra for them. And because of their comfort level, you don’t need to worry about slipping them off! You can even customise them to fit your foot perfectly. You can get high heels customised to fit your size and shape if you’re so inclined.


While some Australians like wearing kitten heels, others prefer high heels. Most Australian women prefer heels that are a few centimetres higher than your ankle. Meanwhile, most Victorians love high heels, with most purchasing heels 10 cm or more. However, New South Wales and Victoria women prefer to wear shoes seven to ten centimetres tall. However, they should note that high heels can also be harmful to your health.


Women in these states prefer to wear high heels than in other countries. Although there is an exception to this rule, many Australians have high heels, which they are even more likely to wear at work—some workplaces where women are not allowed to wear high heels – particularly in offices. You should consider the safety of your employees when choosing a pair of high heels to wear at work. If you can’t wear it, you’ll probably feel uncomfortable.


The height of your heels should be a factor in your decision. Women from the South Australian capital, for example, prefer kitten heels. But Australian women who live in the capital cities and metropolitan areas often wear high heels. However, in other states, they’re more likely to wear seven to ten centimetres tall. This means that women in the South Australia region will not feel uncomfortable in high-heeled shoes. You should stick to comfortable heels that don’t hurt your ankles for the time being.


In recent years, women have begun to wear high heels at work. The height of the heel, however, has decreased since the 1950s. While they’re still a popular style in Australia, most women opt for them at the beginning of their careers. This trend is not limited to the workplace. High-heeled women may have more confidence than those who wear heels at home. A woman’s height is often a factor in how often she chooses to wear high heels.