Hiring Resource Site

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Medium: Website

Tools Used: WordPress, Balsamiq

Design + Development: One of my first projects as Learning Experience Designer at The Predictive Index was to develop an external resource site called the PI Interviewing Playbook.

The site is targeted for individuals on hiring teams that aren’t familiar with or frequently doing interviewing within their organization. One of the major goals for this project was to provide these individuals with best practices as well as tips and tricks to help them get started interviewing more quickly and confidently!

I collaborated with a number of stakeholders to make this project come to life. From refining design requirements with a Product Manager, aggregating site content with Marketing and Learning teams, defining the Information Architecture with a UX Researcher, and determining the look and feel of the site with an Art Director.

Project Examples:

PI Playbook – Landing Page
PI Playbook – Content Gallery
PI Playbook – Video Content
PI Playbook – PDF Content