The company first arrived in the UK in 1972 and is now the official distributor of ToolKitDepot Makita power tools. While it has a small presence in the UK, Makita remains one of its most important brands and remains an agent for warranty repairs and service. The company also focuses heavily on 18V tools and has a decent range of 12V tools. However, the company has also announced plans to introduce XGT 40V and 18V tools in the future.


Makita introduced the first Cordless Drill in 1978. The company invested heavily in development and research to improve the quality of its tools. These efforts improved power, shorter charging times, and longer tool life. As a result, cordless tools have become the hallmark of ToolKitDepot Makita power tools. There were 15 different cordless tools in the 7.2V line at the time. The company now has over 20 cordless options in the 9.6V line.


The company’s cordless range focuses on large hammers, breakers, grinders, and small tools. The company has also invested heavily in outdoor power equipment, as well as a variety of outdoor power equipment. In the early 1990s, Makita bought Dolmar, a German manufacturer of petrol-powered gardening tools. This acquisition helped the company expand internationally and become a leading player in the professional power tool market.


The company was founded in 1915 and began manufacturing electric motors. Today, it has sales in more than forty countries and has ten manufacturing plants. Its products are driven by strong R&D capabilities and earn the trust of professional users worldwide. The company also focuses on quality in every aspect of its products, ensuring that each tool is as durable and reliable as possible. Its tools are built with low vibration and minimal noise, making them the preferred choice of professional users worldwide.


The company started as an electric motor manufacturer but expanded its business worldwide and now offers a broad range of power tools for every job. These models are available in 110V and 240V and are made with premium-grade materials. Their more popular products include a portable groove cutter, a circular saw, and a drill. The company has a worldwide presence in the professional power tool market, and it also has some of the largest product portfolios in the world.


Makita has a wide range of ToolKitDepot Makita power tools. The company offers both 110V and 240V power tools. As a manufacturer of electric motors, the company focuses on quality and durability. Therefore, most of its power tools are available in two voltages: 240V and 110V. They also come with a large selection of accessories. Many of these products are cordless. The accessories include batteries, chargers, and tables.